BIOMORPH PROREO-M Protein Powder: High Quality, Complete Health!

BIOMORPH: Stands Amongst Top Protein Powder Manufacturers:

Biomorph Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, Chandigarh, is one of the leading Protein Powder & Syrup Manufacturers in India.  We offer PORREO-M &  PROREO  Protein Powder & Syrup that stands to International Quality standards. The Company also exports its Protein Powders in a number of countries regularly.

BIOMORPH PROREO-M: Best Protein Powder

PROREO-M is a very high-quality Protein Powder manufactured by BIOMORPH Lifesciences Pvt Ltd Chandigarh. This highly nutritious supplement is very useful and effective in:

  • Pregnancy

  • Wt Loss Recovery

  • Body Building

  • Pre-mature Ageing

  • Trauma

  • Convalescence

PROREO-M Protein Powder for Expectant Mothers:

All the Ladies need extra nutrition during their special days when they are about to give a good news. PROREO-M Protein Powder is a complete Health Supplement. This contains all the important minerals & Vitamins that they need for their perfect health.

PROREO-M Protein Powder For Growing Children:

Our Diet does not contain all that, that the children need to grow up properly. They need strong bones & fully healthy vital organs like brain, strong bones, a healthy heart etc.

PROREO-M Protein Powder Contains:

  • Methylcobalamin; DHA & BIOTIN

  • Milk Protein | Sucrose | Maltodextrine |Coco Powder | Chocolate Paste

  • Vitamins: B1; B2; B6; C; D3; E

  • Folic Acid; Nicotinamide; Pantothenic  Acid; Biotin;

  • Iron; Calcium; Potassium; Chloride, Sodium, Magnesium, Copper; Iodine; Chromium; Selenium

Why PROREO-M is the Best Protein Powder?

There are ample reasons why you can buy PROREO-M, the best Protein Powder. It contains all the important Vitamins & Minerals that are essential for complete health. Besides, it contains High Proteins, low fats, low carbohydrates.

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